"Microblading" originated in Europe, and it's one of the hottest new crazes to hit the United States.  It's the process of introducing semi-permanent color/pigment to the eyebrows with a very thin blade to realistically mimic hair, meticulously applied stroke by stroke.​  The results are waterproof, smudgeproof and look completely natural and life-like.

With our technique, we're able to achieve fullness and shape by mimicking hair where no hair existed previously.  

Results typically last between 12 - 18 months, after which time the pigment slowly fades.

The microblading procedure normally requires a few treatment sessions.  For best results, clients are encouraged to return for at least one re-touch or "fill-in" appointment.  This generally takes place around 6+ weeks after the first session.  The first follow-up session is included in our price!


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