Microblading, which originated in Europe, is the hottest new craze to hit the United States.  It's the process of introducing semi-permanent color/pigment to the eyebrows to realistically mimic hair, meticulously applied stroke by stroke.​  The results are waterproof, smudge proof and look completely natural and life-like.

With our technique, we're able to achieve fullness and shape by mimicking hair where no hair existed previously.  

Results typically last between 12 - 18 months, after which time the pigment slowly fades.

The microblading procedure normally requires multiple treatment sessions.  For best results, clients are encouraged to return for at least one re-touch or "fill-in" appointment.  This generally takes place 6-12 weeks after the second session.

  • For the microblading procedure a numbing cream/gel topical anesthetic is used.  The product is formulated to be perfectly safe and can even be purchased over the counter from any pharmacy.
  • The anesthetic is placed over the desired area for 20-30 minutes, then carefully removed prior to the microblading procedure.
  • Although rare, allergic reactions can occur from the anesthetics used during the procedure.
  • ​We cannot accept responsibility if the area to be treated does not respond to the numbing cream anesthetic.  Each individual is different according to skin type.  Some clients report the area to be completely numb, while others may experience slight discomfort.​​
  • Always follow your post-procedure and after care advice for the best results!

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Topical anesthetic information

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Some things to note:

  • Be aware that color intensity will be significantly darker and sharper immediately after the procedure.
  • Although numbing cream is used during the procedure, slight discomfort may still be felt by sensitive clients.
  • Delicate or sensitive skin may be red and/or swollen after the procedure.
  • Please do not drink alcohol the night before treatment.
  • If possible, try to avoid any spicy herbs or spices on the day of your appointment.
  • Any brow shaping using wax should be performed at least 48 hours before your appointment.

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