1.) Please sanitize your hands upon entering the salon - we will have sanitizer available at the front desk.

2.) We will be doing touch-free temperature checks. If your temperature is above 100° we will ask you to reschedule for another day.

3.) Everyone entering the salon must wear a face mask or face covering.

(*this excludes people with legitimate medical conditions preventing you from wearing a mask. Also children under 2 aren't required to wear a mask, but again we ask that you come alone unless it's absolutely impossible to obtain childcare. This will all be at our discretion - we're trying to remain as safe as possible since we all have family members that are immunocompromised and/or have other medical conditions. We have the right to refuse entry to anyone, regardless of medical condition or age, if we feel it will put others inside the salon at risk.)

4.) There will be no waiting area, coffee/tea or magazines. You may call or come in to check-in, but we ask that you then wait outside or in your car - we will come out and get you when we're ready to take you in. If you need to wait for someone after your service, we ask that you please wait outside.

5.) Any guest(s) not receiving a service will be required to wait outside or in their car.

6.) Try to avoid bringing in any food or water.

7.) After your service, if you would like any products, please let us know and we will get them for you. Also, until further notice there will be no returns on products, so please be sure you have the correct product before purchasing.

8.) Until further notice, we will not be offering blowouts (except with keratin treatment and extensions, which cannot be done without a blowout - in those cases we will be doing the blowout outside for safety).

Hopefully all of these restrictions will be lifted in phase 4.

We appreciate your understanding!

Covid-19 Guidelines